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The Provincial Grand Master supports and has kindly agreed to endorse this “Draw”, and wishes it well in its aim to raise funds for the 2018 Festival in such a way that members stand to win money as well. 

Providing that there are a minimum of fifty members, there will be a prize draw of 20% of the fund, three times a year. Until there are fifty members there will only be one draw, of 20% of the fund, a year.

You will see that the prizes rise dramatically as more and more take part. As soon as there are fifty members there will be three draws a year and it is hoped that we will soon attain three hundred members plus. There are, after all, over eight hundred Mark Master Masons in the Province. Families can take part as well, so I do not think that we are setting our sights too high.

I am sure that you will see the benefit to the 2018 Festival, at the same time as possibly being a potential winner in the draw.

I hope that you will complete the application form, and standing order, and return them to me so that we can make the Festival a resounding success.

Below, you will find information explaining the above “Draw“. Together with the rules and potential prizes, HERE is an application form and a standing order.

Yours sincerely and fraternally, 

Mike Robinson


Lincolnshire Mark Master Mason's Prize Draw Rules


1.Each Number will cost £5 per month.

2.Payment will be by Standing Order.

3.Numbers will be allocated by the Committee in numerical order, in order of application and payment.

4.Members can purchase as many numbers as they wish to.

5.Numbers can be purchased by, and on behalf of a member's family.

6.Any member ceasing to pay the monthly fee of £5.00 per number will immediately cease to be eligible for any future draws.

No. 7.;- Until 50 numbers have been purchased there will only be one draw, held once a year. Thereafter there will be three draws a year until 200 numbers have been purchased when there will be four draws a year.

Prizes based on four draws per annum Annual value of four draws
£300 £300 £300 £300                              £1,200
£200 £200 £200 £200                              £800
£100 £100 £100 £100                              £400
Gross Prizes £2,400


8.Twenty (20) percent of all receipts will be allocated to the prize fund.

9.The number of live numbers at each draw will determine the prize level for the next draw.

10.Eighty (80) percent of all receipts will be allocated to the 2018 Festival Fund and thereafter to a Charity Fund to be administered by the Committee for allocation to good causes within Lincolnshire, less any expenses incurred by the Committee (ie. postage, consumable, bank charges, etc.).

11.Winnings will be posted to the winners on the day following the draw.

12.A register of members will be held by the Committee.

13.Members will receive a letter, or email, from the Committee confirming their number(s) allocated upon receipt of their first payment.

14.A dedicated bank account will be held by the Committee which will receive all monthly payments by Standing Order for each number allocated, for the payment of the prize money, and the payment of necessary expenses. There will be 2 out of 3 designated signatories required for all cheques.

15.The Committee will consist of three members who must be members of the Lincolnshire Province of Mark Master Masons.

16.Two auditors shall be nominated by the Provincial Grand Master of Lincolnshire annually.

17.Copies of the audited accounts will be distributed to the Charity Steward of each Lodge of M.M.M and R.A.M., in Lincolnshire, each year for members' inspection.

18.It is the responsibility of any prize winner to ensure that their income liabilities are complied with (income tax etc.).

19.The Committee reserve the right to change the rules of the scheme at any time.


Downlad the Draw Application Form

 Lincs MMM Festvial Draw application form and a standing order