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July 30, 2022, 11:04
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Provincial Grand Lodge 2022

Our next Provincial Grand Lodge will be held on SATURDAY 26th MARCH 2022 at the Epic Centre, Lincoln.

RAM Annual Assembly

Please note that next year, the Assembly will be held on SATURDAY 4th JUNE 2022 at the Skegness Masonic Hall.

 Team Visits 2022/3

Fri     27th   May            LPOL                  MMM         Louth

Sat    4th     June          RAM Assembly    RAM           Skegness

Fri     8th     July            The Ark                RAM          Alford

Sat    23rd   July            St Marys              RAM           Louth         

Thu   29th   Sept           Remigius             MMM         Lincoln

Thu   27th   Oct             Mercia                 RAM         Spalding

Tues 8th      Nov            Spurn & Humber MMM       Cleethorpes

Tues 22nd   Nov            Alexandra Lodge MMM        Long Sutton

Wed  14th   Dec            Earl of Scar         MMM         Skegness

Wed  11th   Jan (23)     St Wulframs        RAM            Grantham

Thu   26th   Jan             Nene                   MMM         Sleaford

Tue   14th   Feb             St Matthew         MMM         Barton upon Humber

Fri     17th   Feb             Active Officers Dinner           Harbour Lights, Burton Waters (with Partners)

Sat    25th   Mar            PGL                    MMM          Epic Centre, Lincoln

Regular Lodge Meetings: TBA

COLOUR KEY = PGM Team visit
  = Installation  
  = Grand/Provincial Lodges







MAY 2022 Tuesday 3 Mayflower MMM (I) CF CEB  
May Wednesday 4 St. Denys RAM      
May Tuesday 10  St Oswald's MMM (I) JRH KOR  
May Tuesday 10 Spurn & Humber MMM (I) GK IC  
May Thursday 12 St Mary RAM (I)  PA TB  
May Monday 16 St Guthlac RAM      
May Monday 16 St. Wilfrid’s RAM (I)  DPB CF  
May Wednesday 25 St Swithuns MMM      
May Thursday      26 Bayons MMM JW    
May Friday 27 Lincs Provincial Officers  MMM TEAM ALL  
JUNE  2022 Friday 3 The Haven MMM (I) AC CEB  
June Saturday 4 RAM Provincial Assembly - SKEGNESS TEAM ALL  
June Tuesday 7 Mark Grand Lodge Investiture - LONDON      
June Thursday 16 Leonard Anderson IMM      
June Tuesday 21 St. Swithuns RAM (I) AB CF  
June Wednesday 22 St Swithuns MMM      
June Friday 24 Millennium IC RAM (I) DFD    
JULY 2022 Friday 8 The Ark RAM (I) TEAM ALL  
  Saturday 23 St Mary RAM TEAM ALL 100th Celebration





SEPT 2022 Friday 9 Sutcliffe MMM      
Sept Tuesday 13 Mark Grand Lodge - LONDON      
Sept Tuesday 13 St Oswald's MMM      
Sept Wednesday 14 Leonard Anderson IMMM (I) NO REP REQD    
Sept Monday 19 John O`Gaunt MMM      
Sept Monday 19 White Stone MMM SW    
Sept Monday 19 St Guthlac RAM(I)    PCD  
Sept Monday 26 St Wilfrid's RAM SW    
Sept Tuesday 27 Alexandra MMM      
Sept Wednesday 28 St Swithuns MMM (I) DG    
Sept Thursday 29 Remigius MMM (I)  TEAM ALL 150th Celebration
Sept Thursday 29 Nene MMM      
OCT 2022 Monday 3 St Nicholas RAM (I)  BJH PCD  
Oct Friday 7 Haven MMM      
Oct Tuesday 11 St Matthew MMM (I) MS    
Oct Tuesday 11 Urania MMM      
Oct Wednesday 12 St Wulframs RAM SW    
Oct Friday 14 Heneage RAM                                   
Oct Tuesday 18 Mayflower RAM SW    
Oct Tuesday 18 St Swithuns RAM      
Oct Wednesday 19 Mercia MMM      
Oct Wednesday 19 Trent RAM (I) JKS KOR  
Oct Thursday 20 St Oswald RAM (I) MLA TB  
Oct Monday 24 St Wilfrid's MMM      
Oct Tuesday 25 St Mary RAM      
Oct Tuesday 25 Botolphs MMM      
Oct Wednesday 26 St Swithuns MMM      
Oct Wednesday 26 St Denys RAM SW    
Oct Thursday 27 St Wulframs MMM      
Oct Thursday 27 Bayons MMM (I) RW PCD  
Oct Thursday 27 Mercia RAM (I)   TEAM ALL  
Oct Monday 31 St Guthlac MMM (I)   PCD  
NOV 2022 Thursday 3 Remigius RAM (I)   PCD  
Nov Friday 4 Haven MMM       
Nov Tuesday 8 Urania MMM      
Nov Tuesday 8 Spurn & Humber MMM TEAM ALL  
Nov Tuesday 8 St Oswald's MMM      
Nov Wednesday 9 Earl of Scarbrough MMM SW    
Nov Friday 11 Sutcliffe MMM(I) DGN    
Nov Wednesday 16 Mercia MMM (I) TB PCB  
Nov Thursday 17 Lincs Prov Officers MMM (I) NO REP REQD    
Nov Monday 21 John O`Gaunt MMM      
Nov Monday 21 White Stone MMM      
Nov Tuesday 22 Alexandra MMM TEAM ALL  
Nov Tuesday 22 St Mary RAM SW    
Nov Wednesday 23 Earl of  Scarbrough RAM      
Nov Thursday 24 Bayons RAM (I) LAD    
Nov Thursday 24 Nene MMM  SW    
Nov Thursday 24 St Wulframs MMM      
Nov Monday 28 St Guthlac MMM      
Nov Monday 28 St Wilfrids MMM (I)  GAT    
Nov Tuesday 29 St Botolphs MMM       
DEC 2022 Thursday 1 The Haven RAM      
Dec Friday 2 Millennium IC RAM      
Dec Monday 5 St Nicholas RAM      
Dec  Tuesday 6 RAM Grand Lodge Investiture - LONDON      
Dec Tuesday 6 Mayflower MMM      
Dec Wednesday 7 St Denys RAM      
Dec Thursday 8 Urania MMM (I)      
Dec Friday 9 Heneage RAM (I) CF    
Dec Tuesday 13 St Matthew MMM      
Dec Wednesday 14 Earl of Scarbrough MMM (I) TEAM ALL  
Dec Monday 19 Remigius MMM  SW    
Dec Tuesday 20 St Wilfrid's MMM      



JAN 2023 Tuesday 10 Spurn & Humber MMM      
Jan Tuesday 10 St Oswald's MMM      
Jan Wednesday 11 St Wulframs RAM TEAM ALL  
Jan Wednesday 11 Earl of Scarborough MMM      
Jan Friday 13 Sutcliffe MMM      
Jan Monday 16 John  O`Gaunt MMM SW    
Jan Monday 16 White Stone MMM (I) TWEK PCD  
Jan Monday 16 St Guthlac RAM      
Jan Wednesday 18 Trent RAM         
Jan Friday 20 The Ark RAM      
Jan  Monday 23 St Wilfrid's RAM         
Jan Tuesday 24 Alexandra MMM SW    
Jan Wednesday 25 Earl of  Scarbrough RAM      
Jan Thursday 26 Nene MMM (I) TEAM ALL  
Jan Tuesday 31 Mayflower MMM SW    
FEB 2023 Thursday 2 Remigius RAM      
Feb Thursday 2 The Haven RAM SW    
Feb Wednesday 8 Earl of Scarbrough MMM      
Feb Friday 10 Heneage RAM      
Feb Tuesday 14 Urania MMM      
Feb Tuesday 14  St Matthew MMM TEAM ALL  
Feb Friday 17 Active Officers Dinner  TEAM ALL Partners invited
Feb Monday 20 Remigius MMM       
Feb Tuesday 21 Mayflower RAM      
Feb Wednesday 22 St Denys RAM (I) PA PCD  
Feb Thursday 23 Mercia RAM      
Feb Thursday 23 Bayons RAM      
Feb Thursday 23 St Wulframs MMM      
Feb Monday 27 St Wilfrid's MMM      
Feb Tuesday 28 St Botolphs MMM (I)   PCD  
Feb Tuesday 28 St Mary RAM      
MARCH 2023 Friday 3 Haven MMM      
March Tuesday 7 Mark Grand Lodge - LONDON      
March Tuesday 7 St Swithuns RAM      
March Wednesday 8 St Wulframs RAM (I)   PCD  
March Wednesday 8 Earl of Scarbrough MMM      
March Friday 10 Sutcliffe MMM      
March Tuesday 14 Urania  MMM       
March Tuesday 14 St Oswald's MMM      
March Tuesday 14 Spurn & Humber MMM      
March Wednesday 15 Mercia MMM      
March Thursday 16 St Oswald RAM SW    
March Monday 20 White Stone MMM       
March Tuesday 21 St. Wilfrid's MMM      
March Wednesday 22 St Swithuns MMM SW    
March Wednesday 22 Earl of Scarbrough RAM (I) GLB TB  
March Thursday 23 St Wulframs MMM (I) KDBL PCD  
March Thursday 23 Bayons MMM      
March Saturday 25 Mark Provincial Grand Lodge - LINCOLN      
March Tuesday 28 Alexandra MMM (I) RAG PCD  
March Thursday 30 Nene MMM